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Do you want brighter teeth that you can proudly display to the world?

We offer various teeth bleaching methods such as laser tooth whitening, Cool light whitening, professional home whitening

Then Bangkok dental clinic @ Thewet is the right place for you!

And new arrival, Zoom!

Zoom Whitening system is one of  the USA most popular procedures because of the multiple benefits it offers.

About Zoom!

In just one short office visit, your teeth can be transformed from dull and discolored to beautiful and bright!

Zoom Teeth whitening is a revolutionary procedure that dramatically brightens teeth! During three 15 minutes sessions,

 a Zoom! bleaching solution is applied and a special Zoom! lamp is shined onto the teeth.

The outcome is a mouth full of pearly whites that will make you want to smile a whole lot more!

Features of Zoom!

Teeth whitening has many positive features.

Many patients decide to undergo this method of bleaching because of the immediate results.

 Some of the great benefits include:

  • Teeth up to eight shades whiter

  • Minimal irritation

  • A speedy one hour office visit

With Zoom!, your teeth can be dramatically whitened with little to no inconvenience to you!

Schedule a free consultation to discuss this procedure with our dentists at Bangkok dental clinic @thewes

 Zoom! tooth whitening can improve your smile and your self-esteem!

We now have promotion price for Zoom teeth whitening,

only 8800 baht (250US$). Bright smile than ever.  W0W!!

This promotional price include free Fluoride application, free Vitamin E application, stain removal. 

more about zoom  contact www.zoomnow.com/about.php

call us now or send your e-mail to  bkdenta@yahoo.com


Laser tooth whitening (True diode laser: Red light)

Special promotion (Happy smile and happy budget)

Now only 6800 baht with free stain removal

and free treswhite to make your whiter teeth last longer







All porcelain crown, metal free, healthy smile



Empress  e-max crown

was 13500 baht, promotion price only 10,000 baht/unit,

Very nice for anterior teeth


Extreme makeover smile

Empress esthetic veneer

was 10000 baht, promotion price , only 7500 baht/unit

more than 10 units, only 7,000 baht/unit


Empress e-Max veneer

was 11000 baht, promotion price , only 8500 baht/unit

more than 10 units, only 7,500 baht/unit


All porcelain crown, high strength comparable to high precious metal


Cercon crown  (Zirconia)

was 15,000 baht, promotion price only 12500 baht/unit



Promotion price only 13,500 Baht/unit


This promotion will end on December 31, 2012.

We are happy to see you smile happily.



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